The Moment I Was Stuck Thinking About Anything And Everything

Have you ever thought about how sleeping is the only action humans “pretend” to do before they actually do it? It’s actually pretty cool but also kind of silly in a way. There are nights where i don’t even have the time to think about going to sleep and before I know it, I hear the morning alarm. Then, there are other days where I can lie in bed for hours just trying to fall asleep and not be able to … I feel like those are worst times ever because I get tired of trying to sleep and actually start getting frustrated. Yesterday was one of those nights.

I got super sleepy around 11pm and fell asleep right away. Then, randomly around 2:30am I found myself lying in bed with my eyes wide open. What happens then? Well … then basically my brain decided to solve all the pending issues i’ve been avoiding in life until that point. I literally could not stop thinking … I thought about everything from food to my career goals to my 10-year life plan; basically everything. So from 2:30am to 9am, I did nothing but lie in bed and think. The thinking however wasn’t leading to anything productive in terms of solutions so I decided to go watch friends instead. Lol.  It’s probably because i’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I what better time to think about everything than at night when you’re just lying in the dark. I guess during the day I can generally find ways to keep myself busy so even though i’m stressed I can distract myself enough to not have to think too much about it; at night time, it’s a whole other story though. All the things i’ve been avoiding thinking about over the last few months for no reason other than the fact that it stresses me out to unbelievable extents with no productive outcome. I’m not easily stressed out by situations usually, just as long as I have some kind of control over my problems; if it doesn’t, then that becomes a whole other story altogether. Anyways, it’s all a waiting game at the moment so stressing is pretty useless at this point … however, that is definitely easier said than understood.

If anyone else goes through this, you’re totally not alone! Nights of insomnia are completely the worst! What do you guys do to get through them? I could definitely use some suggestions!

Thanks for joining in on another sad adventure; together maybe we can make the saddest of adventures become just a little less sad.


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