The moment my parents came for a visit

My parents are flying in for a visit tonight. They get here pretty late so I’ve spent the day cleaning up my apartment and getting things ready for their arrival. Having my mother visit is one of the most stressful things. She and I don’t get along that well. I figure that the best thing I can do is be prepared. I’ve cleaned my place as best I can. I cooked. I made plans with my sister to take my mom out for dinner tomorrow since she gets in very late tonight and it will be hard to do anything. I’ve mapped out a few places that I can take them that they haven’t seen before. I just hope it goes well.

I think that my mother and I don’t get along because I am more like my dad (they don’t get along that well either). I choose comfort and practicality over style. My mom is more about appearances. There is nothing wrong with that. I acknowledge that your appearance definitely helps when trying get places in our society. I have been trying to be better. I get up a little earlier so that I have time to actually put on a little bit of make-up. I’ve been making more effort with the clothes that I buy. I’m not sure that I will ever be good enough for her, but I hope that she will see that I am making an effort.

We may not get along that well, but my mother has shaped me into the independent woman that I am. So if that means that I had to go through all the crazy things that happened between us then I guess I would do it again. So thanks mom for toughening me up and instilling in me the values and traits that will make me successful in life.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world. I just want to take a moment to thank all the mother’s out there for everything that you do. The world would not be the same without you.

Thanks for joining in on another sad adventure; together maybe we can make the saddest of adventures become just a little less sad.


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