The moment I found myself waiting

Today I spent the whole day in the hospital. If anyone has read any of my other entries you know that I work in a hospital, but today was different. I spent the whole day as a family member in the hospital. I sat in the waiting room near the OR, like I’ve seen countless other people do, thinking about the fact that it doesn’t really get much easier the more times you do it. This is about the 7th or 8th time I’ve taken my sister to get operated on in the last year. She got in a pretty bad car accident and while she is doing really well and is back in college and working again she still has a few more surgeries ahead of her. I know she is going to be okay; she is tough and has been handling everything remarkably well.

I also know that the operations will go fine, but somehow even though I know that, when I’m waiting for the doctor to come out and update us on how she is doing it’s really easy to picture all the bad things that could happen. I felt better after she was done and we were told she was in the recovery room and doing fine, but I could tell that my mom didn’t. You’re not allowed to see them until a couple hours after the operation and my mom spent the time convincing herself that the surgeon didn’t look happy when he updated us and that it probably didn’t go as well as he made it sound. She even snapped at me when I tried telling her my sister was fine. She seemed a little better after we got to see her but then we were told they are going to keep her overnight for pain management and she got worried again. I tried explaining to her that pain management doesn’t mean that something went wrong during the surgery. My sister was really nauseous from the anesthesia and couldn’t keep much down so they were reluctant to send her home on oral pain medication in case she couldn’t keep it down and wound up spending the night in pain.

I think that she will get to come home tomorrow once her nausea improves. They let my parents stay the night in her room and they are going to text me once they know what is going on. So I find myself waiting again, just at home this time. I know this week is going to be a long week mostly because I think I’m going to have to spend it reassuring my mom that everything is going to be fine. But my sister is now one step closer to complete recovery. I’m hoping by August everything will be done and she will be able fully move on with her life.

Thanks for joining in on another sad adventure; together maybe we can make the saddest of adventures become just a little less sad.


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