The moment the day felt too good to be real

Everything was going really well today. I went to work, lecture started and ended on time. I met up with the doctor who is writing my letter of recommendation. I sold my cabinet. I took my parents and sister out to eat dinner and had dessert at a place nearby. Then disaster struck. I had been waiting for a fight between my mom and either me or my sister to happen ever since my parents arrived and today it finally did.

My sister is recovering from her surgery well and has been up and about doing things all day. We went to a ramen restaurant and then walked to a donut place around the corner. My uncle joined us for dinner and we all had a pleasant time. Then we got in the car and I asked where to go. My sister wanted to be dropped off at her apartment because she wanted to go to a concert at a sandwich shop and my parents wanted her to come back to my place. She had bought the tickets for the concert months ago and her surgery was originally scheduled a week and half earlier than she had it so she thought it would be fine. Her surgeon rescheduled at the last minute and she ended up having her operation this Tuesday instead. She seems to be doing really well I think that she probably would have been fine at the concert, but my mom didn’t agree. She gave plenty of reasons, most of which didn’t make much sense, but at the end of the day she won.

First, she argued that every time my sister has had surgery she has gotten an infection afterwards because she goes out to early and doesn’t listen. That isn’t true. She has only had one and that was not her fault. The doctor told us at her first post-op visit that he would have been surprised if she didn’t get an infection due to how long the wound was left open in between her operations at the hospital. Second, she argued that it’s not my sister she didn’t trust, but everyone else attending the concert. While I can see some validity to this argument, accidents can happen anywhere including at the restaurant we had just left or in the car ride over. The venue she was going to isn’t all that big (a sandwich shop with some space in the back for a band to play) and she would have been able to sit throughout the concert if she needed to. Third, my mother argued that it was very windy outside and something could fall on her head. I mean, yes, I suppose that could happen but what are the chances that something like that happened on the walk from her Uber to the front door of the venue? This isn’t my sister’s first surgery or even her second, it is her seventh. She knows how well her body can handle these things and I feel that if she thinks she is ready to go out she probably is.

Finally after what seemed like forever I started driving towards my house with my sister in tears and my mom not talking. When we finally reached home, my sister immediately went to her room and got in bed and the rest of us changed and cleaned up a bit. Then my mom went into my sister’s room and they started fighting again. I’m listening to them as I write this. I know better than trying to mediate, it will only make things worse. All I can hope is that they resolve this before we go to sleep tonight so that we can have a chance for a fresh start tomorrow.

Thanks for joining in on another sad adventure; together maybe we can make the saddest of adventures become just a little less sad.


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