The Moment I Realized My Coupon Was Expired

I love shopping … it’s a serious problem … especially when it comes to shopping at Express (my all time favourite clothing store).  I shop there really often so I’m part of the rewards program and everything … basically meaning that me shopping there leads me shopping there more … it’s a vicious cycle. Lol. Anyways, I went there today because I knew I had gotten a coupon the last time I was there and thought I’d use it. So, I went into the store, picked up a whole much of stuff I liked because the coupon was for the whole “spend $75 and get $25 off” deal and I needed to make it to $75 … which obviously wasn’t that difficult for me since I basically love everything there. So, like most normal trips to the store … I picked out a bunch of clothes and headed to the counter to pay … I excitedly took out my coupon and handed it to the girl at the cash. She looked at it and told me that it had expired 2 days ago and so I couldn’t use it anymore. What a bummer! Regardless … I still bought a few things and got a new coupon … which I shall use before its expiry next time for sure.

Thanks for joining in on another sad adventure; together maybe we can make the saddest of adventures become just a little less sad.


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