The moment I realized I was missing out

It’s graduation day!! Congratulations to all the new grads out there!

My Facebook has been blowing up with everyone’s cap and gown pictures and thank you posts. Technically, I was supposed to walk today too. I chose not to for several reasons and I don’t totally regret it, but a little part of me wishes I had gone to see all my friends one last time before we go our separate ways. They look so happy and there are people who went that I have not seen for a while because we have been studying in different cities. 

 I have one more week of school here in Chicago and the ceremony is out in Florida so it would have been an expensive trip between plane tickets, cap and gown, hotel etc. Also, my sister just had surgery so it would have been hard for my family to come. Most likely one of my younger sisters and maybe my aunt would have been able to make it and they would have had to fly in from California adding to the expenses. Plus, they would fly all the way there to see a little blob walk across the stage because chances are they wouldn’t be able to pick me out from the crowd until my name was announced. Not worth it in my opinion.

The biggest reason I didn’t go however is that I don’t feel like I am done. I am technically going to be done on Friday this week and will have a graduate degree but because I didn’t apply to the next stage of training to me personally it feels like I am not ready for graduation. I apply this coming September and if I get in I will be starting in July of 2018. My school allows me to choose to walk either this year or next year due to the year round acceptance and the fact that my grade for this last set of classes won’t be released until next month so the date on my diploma will be after the ceremony. I haven’t decided if I am going to go next year or not. Up until today I thought I wouldn’t want to go, but after looking at everyone’s pictures and how happy they look maybe I’ll feel like going next year. In the mean time I am going to continue to scroll through pictures thinking about what it would have been like if I had gone. 

Thanks for joining in on another sad adventure; together maybe we can make the saddest of adventures become just a little less sad.

Shoutout to Wokandapix on Pixabay for today’s photo!

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