The Moment No One Had The Credit Card

Graduation is OVER … and honestly as much as I didn’t want to go, a little part of me is glad I went. There was a feeling of “closure” I felt from walking across the stage after my name was announced. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be and it made my family really happy … so i guess it turned out to be a win-win situation.

Now, as a post-graduation thing, my family decided they wanted to stay a few days extra and explore Disney world. It’s been so much fun so far to say the least. But this morning before we went to our first park … things defintely got stressful.

Apparently, when you buy tickets online, you’re expected to bring the mastercard you paid with online with you to the park. Knowing this, in the morning, we left pretty early to get to our first Disney park in time but ended up being super late in the end thanks to a certain lost credit card. Basically, 2 days ago we bought tickets to Disney world with my mom’s card which I gave back to her once i finished. This morning, that credit card just disappeared. My mom said I didn’t give it to her and my brother said I had put it in my purse … which I totally did not. Anyway, we basically got halfway to the park and then realized that my mom didn’t even bring her purse with her. Thus, we had to drive all the way back so she could go get it. She got home and called me to ask where it was because she couldn’t it anywhere. This took an hour. A whole hour. Only to find that it was in my mom’s wallet. Thank goodness. Lol. I guess it’s true what they did … All’s well that ends well.

Thanks for joining in on another sad adventure; together maybe we can make the saddest of adventures become just a little less sad.


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