The moment the party started

We’re having a going away party today…or at least my roommate is. She invited a bunch of her coworkers over for a party before she leaves. Considering that graduation was this weekend most of the friends I have in the city have already moved away. I told my sister to come but I’m not sure she going to make it. I’m sure the party will be fun, but it’s gotten me thinking about all the things I need to do before I leave.

I have exactly one week left in Chicago. I still have to get my car serviced before I drive across the country. Sell my bed. Pack up all my things. Talk to the people I need to get letters of recommendation from so that I know they will get sent to my school after I leave. Plan my road trip home. Visit my friend and her new baby who I haven’t seen yet. I’m sure there are other things that I have not thought of yet but for now this is more than enough. I’m not even sure I will get this much done. My sister is flying in on Wednesday so hopefully she will be able to help me out a bit.

I can’t believe that I am leaving already. These last 2 years have flown by. There is still some much that I wanted to do in the city. I’m happy with how much I have done but I’m sure that I will be back to visit some day. I think if I can stick to my plan I should be able to go out this weekend and check off a couple of things before I go, but it’s making me sad knowing that this weekend will be my last time venturing out into the city for a while. I hope the weather is good so I can enjoy my last adventure!

Thanks for joining in on another sad adventure; together maybe we can make the saddest of adventures become just a little less sad.


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